Burni - Overview

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How it works

Ethereum ERC20 (Burni) coins are used to mint non-fungible ERC721 (Burnin) tokens through a decentralized blockchain Smart Contract. In the process, 97.5% of the original cryptocurrency is destroyed, leaving just 2.5% spared as the Burni is transmuted into a new NFT digital asset.

This makes Burni a deflationary cryptocurrency with unique cryptoeconomic properties, while providing non-fungible Burnin tokens an inherent value.

Unique properties

The total Burni sent to the Burnin smart contract is used to forge a single token. Since multiple coins cannot be forged simultaneously, Ether is infused into the cost of production.

An immutable content identifier multihash can be set a single time for a token, wrapping the underlying asset, collectible, or artwork inside the token. Post-minting, the following 5 block hashes are concatenated with a prefix and token ID to create a pseudorandom genesis hash for use in collectible attribute definitions.

Ready to get started?

Burni (ERC20) contract address:


Burnin (ERC721) contract address:


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