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November 2019 Updates

November 30, 2019


Director of Creative Energy

November 2019 Updates

This month, I published six new open-source projects through the Vim Labs GitHub organization, working with Docusaurus, ReactJS, Material-UI, and GatsbyJS. In addition, I published two OpenAI deep-Q network reinforcement-learning projects with Tensorflow, along with an image classification application using Flutter and TensorflowLite, and an intentionally-bad UI demo in Unity3D. That's 10 repos in 4 weeks -- it's been a busy month!

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has-scroll-hook: A boolean scroll position React hook.

docusaurus-image-loader: A Docusaurus v2 plugin to support image files with a webpack url-loader and file-loader fallback.

vim-labs-website: Website for vimlabs.com using Docusaurus v2.

gatsby-theme-sky-lite: A lightweight GatsbyJS theme base with Material-UI and MDX Markdown support.

gatsby-theme-sky-lite-starter: A lightweight GatsbyJS starter with Material-UI and MDX Markdown support.

materialui-pagination-component: A pagination component for Material-UI.

dqn_cartpole: Teaching A MellowMax Deep Q Neural Network How To Balance (OpenAI CartPoleV0).

dqn_cnn_mnist_gym: An OpenAI training gym environment for MNIST handwritten digit classification with a Deep-Q Agent and CNN Policy.

flutter_dinofinder: Dinosaur species image classification with TensorFlow Lite and Flutter.

VolumeNotchUI: An intentionally bad volume controller UI.